Former St. Luke Hospital in Arnaudville to Become French Immersion Center After St. Landry and St. Martin Parish Sell It

Thursday, November 14, 2019

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The former St. Luke Hospital in Arnaudville is about to get a face lift and a new purpose.

The goal is transform the hospital into the St. Luc French Immersion and Cultural Center.

Not only would be it the first french immersion program for adults in Louisiana, but also the first one of its kind in the United States.

“Ça veut dire que mon cœur chant.” said Mavis Fruge which translates to “this makes my heart sing.

Fruge has envisioned turning the hospital into an french immersion center back in 2006.

The problem was the facility was owned by St. Landry and St. Martin Parishes, and a hospital board that refused to relinquish control.

More than a decade later, the board was dissolved and earlier this week St. Landry parish government officially sold the hospital.

Fruge can now make her dream come to pass

“I’m very happy. It will offer more than French courses. There will be cooking, a day care, a helipad and a wellness center. I hope this will be magnificent.” said Fruge.

Bill Rodier, the economic development director for St. Landry Parish believes St. Luc will help set Arnaudville apart

“When I see something like this, coming into fruition and it’s going to be put back into commerce, any empty building like this with so much potential, that will really capitalize on all of the great things that have been happening in french immersion and the cultural economy up here until now. I really think is going to create a cultural anchor that’s going to make a huge impact.” said Rodier.

For Fruge, it’s about giving adults who lost their heritage language another chance.

“I would like to offer to those Louisianans who were punished for speaking their french. I want to ask for a free program for those people if they wish to come learn.” said Fruge.

The school has target March 2020 opening date, for when students from New York State University are slated to visit.

View the video here. 

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