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Category: Economic Incentives for Businesses of All Sizes


Tax credit program: provides a one-time $2,500 tax credit per certified net new permanent, full-time job, and either a 4% sales/use tax rebate on qualifying expenses or an investment tax credit equal to 1.5% of capital expenditures, excluding tax-exempted items.

Eligibility (Not Comprehensive)

This incentive program is open to any Louisiana business (new or existing) not engaged in gaming, residential development, a church, retail business or restaurant with NACIS of either 44, 45 or 722 

Create a minimum of five permanent net new full-time jobs within 24 months of their project start date or increase their current nationwide workforce by 10% within the first 12 months

Hire 50% of the net new jobs created from one or more of the certification requirements from these targeted groups:  Residents living in Enterprise Zone within the state, people receiving an approved form of public assistance, people lacking basic skills performing below a ninth grade proficiency in reading, writing or mathematics and people unemployable by traditional standards.

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