Target Industries

Businesses in St. Landry are moving forward. Our community has momentum, is prime for growth, and we are open for business. We invite any companies seeking a new location or looking to expand to contact SLED for information on the many benefits of locating here. While businesses of all types are thriving here, these target industries are experiencing significant gains.

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St. Landry is a healthcare destination with patients visiting our physicians and hospitals from throughout the region. St. Landry healthcare facilities are known for being forward-thinking, utilizing technology, and having teams of doctors who are both dedicated and compassionate. With a regional healthcare model that places physicians within easy access of residents, patients are realizing the many benefits of receiving care close to home.

There is a growing demand for healthcare related businesses in St. Landry Parish. Businesses and medical professionals locating here will find a welcoming community that embraces innovation in healthcare. In fact, with colleges located within our Parish, there are opportunities to work with educational institutions on healthcare initiatives and research as well.


St. Landry is home to exceptional entrepreneurs who are forward-thinking and innovative. These entrepreneurs are opening new restaurants and boutique shops, using technology to disrupt how things are done, and using science to develop the next big ideas. Our community embraces these entrepreneurs and has established the Cajun Acceleration Station to make it easier to get business ideas off the ground. The SLED team is also here to assist entrepreneurs in their journey and can help with business planning, financial forecasting, licensing and permitting, strategic planning, and connecting business owners with the additional tools and resources that are available in our community.


Home to a thriving community of families, young professionals, and retirees, St. Landry Parish is growing. The villages within our Parish are charming and full of boutique shops, art galleries, and historic retail establishments. To complement them, we are seeking additional retailers looking to expand their regional or national footprint.

Advanced Manufacturing

With a workforce who is both hard working and skilled, St. Landry is an ideal destination for advanced manufacturing businesses who are looking to grow within the United States. Louisiana is a Right-to-Work state, making it easier for manufacturing companies to hire employees, negotiate wages directly, and avoid some of the challenges that may be occurring in unionized states. Workers in St. Landry are ready to get to work and contribute their talents to any manufacturing company locating here. Plus, if a company requires any specific skills, there are workforce training programs in Louisiana that can help to quickly get workers up to speed.


St. Landry’s central location makes it an ideal place to base a distribution company. From our Parish, it is possible to reach much of the United States with only a day or two. Since the cost of doing business is significantly lower in Louisiana that it is on the east or west coast, businesses find that it is possible to keep more profits in the company. This creates a strong competitive advantage for distribution companies looking to grow or to capture more of the market share.


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