The workforce in St. Landry Parish is both highly skilled and highly educated. Our community has a long-standing history of living off the land and our agricultural roots run deep. With that comes a strong work ethic where for generations, families began working at dawn and did not rest until sunset. We know what it means to work hard and apply that same work ethic to the modern workplace. Companies who locate in St. Landry reap the benefits of hiring such dedicated and diligent workers.

Simultaneously, St. Landry continues to move forward. Many in our workforce have chosen to focus on their advanced education by receiving training in specific fields or choosing to earn their advanced degrees. This means that St. Landry is home to critical thinkers, creatives, problem solvers, managers, executives, and professionals who can help to move any company forward.

Regardless of what your workforce needs are, in St. Landry, it is possible to hire the talent you need to succeed.

Recruitment. Training. Support.

Companies interested in locating in St. Landry Parish can receive assistance with workforce recruitment, training, and support by contacting SLED. We offer direct assistance and can also connect businesses with partner organizations who specialize in workforce training and development.

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