There are no limits. Only opportunities.

The I-49 Midway Corridor Project enacted by St. Landry Economic Development and the Acadiana Planning Commission is designed to create opportunities and spur economic growth along the I-49 Midway Corridor. The process of planning for the project is collaborative, involving numerous stakeholders for the long-term benefit of the entire region. 

The project will promote and ensure sustainable development that is flood-resistant and mitigates the current and future challenges faced by the region. Project goals are based on the community’s vision, including the objective of creating a higher level of visibility for communities within the corridor. 

This increased exposure and development will create jobs within the region and positively impact the economy by increasing the tax base. 

Meetings will be held regularly and updates posted here. In addition, the I-49 Midway Corridor Strategic Growth Plan, along with information on the various stages of planning and implementation can be found here

To view the presentation given during the August stakeholder meeting, click here.