Arts and Culture

Culture is alive and well in St. Landry. Cajun is in our blood and our culture is something we live every day.

St. Landry Parish is home to artists creating world-class art and music. Here, residents and visitors will find a unique cultural experience that is incredibly vibrant and full. This applies to everything in St. Landry. Our food is spectacular and modern chefs are turning Creole and Cajun cuisine into an art form. Our musicians are world-renowned, creating sounds that you can’t help but dance to. Plus, with art galleries, theater, and outdoor events, there are numerous ways to explore the art and cultural scene in St. Landry. It’s not hard to find. Simply follow your nose to the latest farm-to-table restaurant, listen for the sound of a washboard being played, or stroll through our downtown streets and pop into an art gallery.

​​​​Live Music is​​​​​​​ Everywhere in St. Landry

Listen to live music in St. Landry Parish. Wonder through our downtown streets to hear the sounds of Zydeco, Creole, and Cajun bands playing. These are sounds that originated here. We’ll have you tapping your toes in no time as Cajun and Creole music fills your soul.

Our Festivals are Spectacular

Visit St. Landry for our festivals and events. There is something happening year-round in St. Landry with a festival nearly every weekend. We invite you to view our calendar of events and to join us. Whether you come for the day or stay for the weekend, you’ll have an incredible time at any of our festivals and events.

For more information on the many activities in St. Landry, visit the St. Landry Parish Tourist Commission website.


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